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Plant protection / Pest management

Plant protection / Pest management

The most pests like the white fly, spider mites, red spider, aphids, scale insects…. occur due to dry air in the room. Sufficient airing and / or regularly water-spraying your plant with lime-deficient water to create a higher humidity will certainly help with these pest infestations. There are also a few species that are being avoided by pests or throw them off, like the Apple of Peru for example. You can place this kind of plant between the others. With fast-growing plants you can also get rid of persistent pests by cutting your plant back. It will grow again and you can save the trouble of fighting the infestation with pesticides.

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Plants are only being repotted after the old pot is completely rooted and has become too small. You will notice that when

Plants falling over

The delight about the first seedlings can wear off very quickly, when the plants suddenly start to fall over without any noticeable