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Planting out

Planting out

With plants that can later on be kept even in cooler climate areas, you should consider taking a few safety precautions for a successful cultivation. Young plants that were cultivated indoors need preparation time to become stronger before they can be planted out. You can keep your plant for about a week in a wind-sheltered, shady, but bright place at first, so it can become accustomed to the outdoor conditions. In doing so, your plant will become stronger and develops a thicker protective cuticular layer of its leaves, which makes it also more resilient to the higher UV radiation outdoors. If you transplant directly from indoors out in the open you must expect your plant taking UV radiation damage in the leaves and sometimes even the stem – it might get sunburn so to speak. Additionally you should move your plant indoors overnight for the first couple of days, in case the temperature is sinking below 8°Celsius.

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Seed germination

Depending on the particular plant it can take just a few days or as long as a couple of months until the

Plants falling over

The delight about the first seedlings can wear off very quickly, when the plants suddenly start to fall over without any noticeable