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Water and the right way of watering

Water and the right way of watering

The water should be as less lime-deficient as possible. Unfortunately, in most cities the tap water is rather hard and limy. The best choice is usually rainwater, despite the air-pollution in cities that affects the purity of the water. In many garden centres you can also find water softener that you simply add to the tap water. You can also boil off your tap water and use it for your plants. Ideally you use water with room temperature so you don’t shock your plant by watering with hot or icy water. After the whole propagation substrate has been soaked at first, it is best to use a water sprayer during propagation and spray daily to keep the earth moist. That way the water is dispensed finer and you avoid the seeds being washed out, and the common phrase to keep the soil moist but not wet, is so best met. It’s commonly known that plants need water, but the fact that the roots also need air and breath oxygen is often not being considered. It is, therefore, important that the earth doesn’t get solidified and that there is no water logging, so the roots can get air again after watering.

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