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Why the green thumb needs time and experience

Why the green thumb needs time and experience

Mother nature is generally wasteful with the amount of seeds produced in one year. If all seeds would germinate the planet would be overgrown by a short period of time. That enormous amount of seeds comes from the fact that there is only a small number of seeds that due to various reasons actually germinate successful and become a strong plant. By optimizing the propagation conditions and making use of some helpful tips, you and us try to increase the success rate by margin, but even that doesn’t guarantee a 100% germination and sometimes it happens that there are no seedlings coming up at all. Gardening experts know that the way to developing a green thumb comes with many failures. Don’t get discouraged by that and try out more different methods of cultivating a plant to become more successful with propagation. In the following we summarized the most common obstacles that delay your success or make it harder to reach. The word „too“ is thereby of great significance. How exactly do you define too moist or too dry? You don’t! That’s precisely the point, it’s the experience that counts and experience grows just like your seedlings.

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During hibernation it is important that your plant stays free of fertilizer and also gets less water than usual. Some species

Nutrient supply / Fertilizing

A very important part of cultivating a plant is fertilizing. Above all, when your plants don’t grow as nicely as expected or

Planting out

With plants that can later on be kept even in cooler climate areas, you should consider taking a few safety precautions for